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This environmentally friendly, labor-saving system virtually eliminates the need to scrub and redcoat.  Our coating is super easy to maintain.  Just dustup, wet-mop when necessary and periodically auto scrub.  That’s all.

Scratches are no problem, as minor blemishes can be burnished away.  GlassGuard-CMP is so hard that even a black pad cannot remove it.  However, we recommended with a diamond pad just once or twice a maintenance cycle.

Dry time is less than 10 minutes and initial burnishing can be commenced within 30 minutes.  To really make the floor pop, burnish with a diamond pad 24-72 hours after application.  Of course, if you prefer a matte or satin finish, we can provide that, too.

Dirt, debris, and spills can be wiped away with no effect on the coating.  We are the strongest Concrete, Marble, Terrazzo and Granite coating in the industry.

  • GlassGuard-CMP utilizes a proprietary blend of silicas and natural ingredients.
  • Film Forming and penetrating, creating a strong bond.  Not moisture sensitive.
  • Will not white out like other concrete, marble, terrazzo and granite coatings.
  • Reduce slip and falls.  Superior Coefficient of friction. 0.78-0.91 wet or dry.
  • Superior extended wear and scratch resistance.
  • Superior scuff resistance.
  • Works like a walk off mat!  When applied at entrances, the coating cleans off the bottom of shoes within the first few feet preventing dirt and grim from being tracked throughout facility allowing floors to stay cleaner longer.  Cleanup is easy with just water and a red pad on an auto scrubber.


Slippery floors are not only dangerous, but also costly to an owner.  Eighty-five percent of workers comp claims from slip-and-falls at an annual cost of $70 billion.  About a quarter of employees who are out on worker comp claims are off the job for an average of 31 days, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.  The average slip and fall insurance claim is $50,000.  Many slip and falls can be eliminated by increasing floor traction or co-efficient of friction.  Our coatings have a 0.78-.91 co-efficient of friction with either wet or dry.  This is substantially safer than traditional floor finishes that are at .5 and less.


Traditional floor coatings are soft and porous and attract dirt, street grime, bacteria and germs.  because typically coatings are soft, every time we walk across the coating, we lightly abrade the surface with our feet and kick those germs and bacteria airborne where they spread onto our clothing and into our lungs.  These tiny contaminants can travel though air circulation systems.  GlassGuard-CMT is harder than any other coating and doesn’t walk off or trap germs and bacteria.  Our coating is a blend of silicas which can actually inhibit microbial growth.

With GlassGuard-CMT, we permanently eliminate the need for repeat stripping and recoating.

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